OSPIN Gauge was established in 1987. Our business principle is concept of honesty, reasonable and sustainable operation.

  • Honest - Keep improve process capability and transparency of commercial activity to reducing the cost for the customers.
  • Reasonable - Annual audit on a regular basis, promote the quality and delivery stability to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Sustainable - Implementation of standard management with the least negative environmental impacts.

Our environment

5S - Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seikeetsu, Shitsuke

Disciplined working environment

everyone obey regulations to ensure safe production.


to use something to turn the positioning of quantitative neatly placed, clearly marked.

Regular maintenance

Maintenance the machine according to the maintenance plan.

Color management

properly separate good quality items from rejects and identifies non-conforming ( rejects) materials for replacement.

Conducting morning assemblies

Initiates "prevention in advance" in production management to reduce remedy afterwards.

Our Equipment

We believe that superior equipment makes for superior products.

Automatic Welding Machine

To ramp up production and to stabilize the temperature、amount of tin、welding angle and position for consistency of quanlity.

Overpressure Protection

To protect products from damage or spoilage by the overpressure pulse.

Pressing Pointer Machine

Replace the traditional production of dipped the pointer into glue to avoid using the amount of gum artificially cause pointer drop and stain the pointers and the dials.

Date Spray Printing Machine

Provides exceptional saturation, so that each products are unique identification can be traced back, and does not affect the appearance

Compliance with RoHS and WEEE standards, that it has not environmental burden.

Conveyor Belt

The advanced transfer belts promoted production power to make sure your orders are shipped quickly and accurately.

Video Show

Leak Detector

100% Leak detection online to monitor the operating status of the bourdon tube inside. Making the prevention of leak measures more complete and effective.

Our Service

Each link of the program, security protection control have to considerate, and good reliability.

Our Strong R & D

Over past 30 years experience of customized and professional commentary on modeling, our development can assist more innovative behavior. Customized consulting - Customized specification is shown by the same cognitive bases to ensure service quality and customer's satisfaction.

Our Team

Spiritual growth lecture - Enhance the physical and spiritual healthy.

Job Training - To sharpen employees techniques and knowledge to keeps the quality of our products and service in pace with the world. Interior Training - Technological inheritance of handing over to keep professional continue. Spiritual growth lecture - Foster a positive and healthy outlook on life, and promote social harmony.

Quality Control

From the IQC incoming inspection, production control to finished product inspection, every process, every link in the chain follow a strict and meticulous standards.

Product Performance

The bourdon tube endurance test
The bezel tensile test
The pointer jitter test




Cumulative Sales


Cumulative Customer Volume


Products Development

Our Social

Contribute to promoting environmentally friendly materials.
Hire disabilities people to increase employment opportunity.
Outsourced to township people to improve low-income families livelihoods.